At Mini Deposit Home Loans, we specialise in “Low Deposit Home Loans for Young Professionals”.
Our team of finance brokers have decades of experience in both traditional bank lending and private sector funding.
We can help you to eliminate the need for Parental Guarantee, Family Pledge and/or Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) and provide you with greater flexibility to choose the right home loan for your own situation, both now and into the future.

Find out how easy it is to get your 20% deposit.

  • Stop paying rent whilst saving for a deposit
  • Get into your own home sooner
  • No need for Lenders Mortgage Insurance
  • Strengthen your ability to negotiate

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  • Get a great return on your investment
  • Spread your risk
  • Get unrivalled transparency
  • Enjoy complete loan management

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Borrowers - Is it time to stop paying rent?

Put your family in a position to save thousands in interest and mortgage insurance.  Are you and/or your partner a young professional in:

  • Teaching or Education?
  • Nursing or Health Care?
  • Police or Emergency Services?
  • Accounting, Law, IT or Engineering?
  • Or another suitably qualified profession?

Lenders - Minimised Risk Opportunities

Experience attractive & dependable returns on your capital whilst reducing your risk profile.  What are the advantages:

  • Minimise the risk by spreading your capital over several loans
  • Our Borrowers are highly qualified & motivated
  • We only lend to young professionals with dependable incomes
  • You receive attractive regular returns
  • Loans backed by the MINI D Guarantee

How does it

Mini Deposit Home Loans in association with Network HQ have developed the MINI D Loan, a unique strategy that allows you to combine borrowing your deposit or shortfall in deposit, with a traditional home loan. The MINI D Loan reduces the need for the traditional Parental Guarantee, Family Pledge, and/or Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI).

“It’s the Home Loan Deposit AFTER PAY for Young Professionals”

The strategy allows you to purchase a property without the difficulties and lengthy time frame involved in saving a full 20% deposit plus purchase costs. The MINI D Loan is perfectly suited to Borrowers that have a small deposit and/or qualify as “First Home Owners”, and who are keen to move into their own home as soon as possible.

"We've saved thousands in interest and now we've got the flexibility to move our home loan when we want."

- Jodie M. - Mooloolaba Qld

Peace of Mind

The MINI D Guarantee

The MINI D Guarantee provides unrivaled peace of mind on your investment.

Lender Benefits

Compelling reasons to become a Lender

  • You Don’t Risk the Family Home: Unlike the family pledge or parental guarantee home loan offered by a traditional bank, the MINI D Loan does not put at risk the family home and it is not limited to just the bank of mum and dad helping out. The MINI D Loan option opens the opportunity for extended family  or anyone looking to be part of a Borrower’s new home ownership dream.
  • The Ability to Choose: As a Lender you have the choice of deciding who benefits from a Mini D Loan and can feel comfortable and reassured knowing a well-documented legal loan is in place to cover any future family circumstances. 
  • A Diversified Investment Opportunity: As a Lender you can choose to invest across multiple loans to balance your personal financial time frames, risk appetite and cashflow requirements.
  • Flexible Investment Options: With a MINI D Loan you choose, your investment amount, loan terms, interest rate required, preferred repayment methods of Principle and Interest, Interest Only or Capitalised Interest, and any other specific loan terms and conditions you require.
  • Loan Management: The highly qualified team at Mini Deposit Home Loans will be responsible for the administration of all your loan documentation and management from start to finish. There is 100% transparency in our loan management processes, and as a Lender you will have online access to monitor your lending portfolio anytime.
  • No Fees: As a Lender with Mini Deposit Home Loans there are no additional fees, and Lenders simply receive the agreed repayments in full each month.
  • Missed or Late Payments: As a Lender with Mini Deposit Home Loans you can be confident you will receive your monthly interest as agreed, and you are covered by our Mini D Guarantee pledge.

Are you ready to start earning as a Lender?

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